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        1. 1398 results for Bill Gates

          71  Pictures of Bill Gates

          Read the latest stories about Bill Gates on Time Bill Gates Shares the 5 Best Books He Read This Year. Big ideas, personal reflections and advice for a more ...

          Bill Gates has become the latest billionaire to express concern for presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren's plan for a new tax on the super-rich.

          Few, though, compared in prestige and power to the world's second-richest person, a brilliant and intensely private luminary: Bill Gates.

          Bill Gates surprised a generous young Michigan woman with a huge box of Christmas gifts using overnight delivery after she just lost her mom ...

          187 Social Network Profiles

          Stockton, CA

          , Male, Age: 64, MARYSVILLE, Country: USA, Hobby: Golf, FLYING, Space, English

          14 Hobbies & Interests

          Our guest is Vandana Shiva, a world-famous environmental activist from India. Her latest book is entitled "One Earth, One Humanity vs. the 1%".

          Age: 24, female, Russian Federation

          Age: 115, male, Afghanistan

          Age: 30, male, Turkey

          191 People in Education

          Attica, KS, Attica High School

          Delano, CA, Delano High School

          East Hanover, NJ, East Hanover Middle School

          Hauppauge, NY, Gersh Academy

          11 Celebrities

          Actor, Frasier

          Actor, Look Who's Coming to Lunch

          5 Obituaries

          , Lincolnton (Lincoln County, North Carolina)

          , Fort Scott (Bourbon County, Kansas)

          , Sunnyside (Yakima County, Washington)

          , Detroit (Wayne County, Michigan)

          3 Book Authors

          ... A HARD-CORE WORK ETHIC Microsoft is infamous for working its employees hard—but few work harder than Bill Gates himself. Between and

          By the early 1990s, when Buffett met Bill Gates, Buffett was a billionaire and one of the world's wealthiest people. He's remained a down- to-earth person, though ...

          In its search for people who were experts at finding computer bugs, the names Bill Gates and Paul Allen kept coming up. TRW wanted to hire them full time to fix ...

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          6 Video & Audio Creatives

          From Xinhua News Agency: (0118 CR M10)BILL GATES ON CHINA'S PHILANTHROPYDATELINE: Jan. 18, 2012LENGTH: 00:01:26CATEGORY:SOCIETYPKGINTROMicrosoft Chairman Bill Gates has recently , TheVideoNewsPortal

          In I animated DL Hughley ranting about technology. Written by Ernest Hollingsworth these snippets played online and at the end of the show, "The Hughleys". These shows were , BigRedShoes

          Download This Song http://bit.ly/MsOE0E Click to Tweet this Vid-ee-oh! http://clicktotweet.com/3fDJk We made 200 Tshirts for this battle: http://bit.ly/MPs4QA Vote for your pick , YouTube

          From Yahoo! Movies: Long-time partners in crime Kanye West and Jay-Z are grabbing headlines for new albums arriving two years after their ...

          653 Opinions & Articles

          William Henry Gates II (born November 30, 1925), better ...

          Interview with Bill Gates. 即开型彩票; Interview with Bill Gates. Bill Gates talks to Gavi about it's past, present and future. Subscribe to our newsletter. Subscribe.

          r/Damnthatsinteresting: For things that are amazing, interesting, and incredible!

          Since roughly 2012, billionaire Bill Gates has been participating in Reddit's annual Secret Santa gift exchange, which matches Reddit users ...

          76 Web Finds

          TerraPower, the nuclear energy venture backed by Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and headquartered in Bellevue, Wash., is collaborating with ...

          Microsoft founder Bill Gates, the world's second-wealthiest person with an estimated fortune of $108 billion, is calling out the the “gross ...

          JAKARTA - Bill Gates merupakan salah satu orang terkaya di dunia. Forbes mencatat kekayaannya mencapai USD110,5 miliar atau setara ...

          How did Bill Gates scale BOTH a global business and a global philanthropy? He spotted an inflection point in history — and accelerated it.

          KOMPAS.com - Bill Gates tetap memiliki kekayaan lebih dari 114 miliar dollar AS atau setara Rp triliun (kurs Rp per dollar AS).

          For a healthier, smarter, and richer 2020, Bill Gates is recommending five books on topics including history, education, and personal health.

          Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Elon Musk und Mark Zuckerberg befolgen diese Regel, die von Benjamin Franklin erfunden wurde.

          Bill Gates is worth more than $110 billion, which is a whole lot of money to spend. For Gates, the question is: "Where can you put your money?

          After amassing a lot of wealth over the years, Bill Gates says that charity is the "logical" way for him to spend his heavy fortune.

          Bill Gates and Ban Ki-moon: Investing in climate solutions could generate $7.1 trillion. [Images: Softulka/iStock, Almos Bechtold/Unsplash, Karl ...

          Petinggi Sunda Empire mengatakan, Jack Ma dan Bill Gates Akan Jadi Bagian Sunda Empire.

          Sin embargo, cuando la dice nada menos que Bill Gates, el segundo hombre más rico del mundo, en una reflexión de fin de año publicada en ...

          This chart shows Microsoft's share price since Bill Gates stepped down as CEO.

          Towards the end of the 1960s, while Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were still in high school, Xerox was an industry titan in the copier world. PARC is a birthplace of ...

          Bill Gates hat Angst um seine Milliarden – und zeigt sein wahres Gesicht. Der Multimilliardär ist gegen eine stärkere Besteuerung der Superreichen, selbst With ...

          11 must-watch movies about Facebook, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Theranos, and more. By Kristen Lotze · January 17, 2020, 11:45 AM PST. Image 1 of 11. Previous ...

          Los grandes magnates del universo tecnológico son famosos por realizar, de vez en cuando, compras extravagantes fuera del alcance del resto de los ...

          TerraPower is collaborating with GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy to pursue a public-private partnership aimed at designing and constructing the ...

          Evolv has developed AI-powered security gates that can scan up to 3,600 people per hour for firearms and explosives, without requiring ...

          Y no digamos la gran cantidad de genios que han sido disléxicos: Einstein, Walt Dysney, Picasso, Steve Jobs, o Bill Gates, por citar sólo unos ...

          Meaning of First Name Bill

          Male first name (English): Bill, Old High (two-part name); willio = the will, determination; helm = helmet, the coverage, coverage, protection, old German two-part name, in the Middle Ages in Europe popular, name of several famous kings, for example, by William the Conqueror, the first Norman king of England

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