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        1. 1836 results for Robert Rodriguez

          143  Pictures of Robert Rodriguez

          [Sydney City News] - Not everyone is Quentin Tarantino, the Coen Brothers, or even Robert Rodriguez; and not every movie can make consistent, repetitive gushes and splashes of blood entertaining. That established, Jo Nesbo's Jackpot is nonetheless a gory, savage and

          [This Is Fake DIY] - One of the founders of KNB Effects Group in 1988, with Howard Berger and Robert Kurtzman, Nicotero has worked with the great modern filmmakers on both the big and small screen, including Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez, Wes Craven, Frank

          [Diario de León] - Además, la intérprete de The Fame debutará como actriz en Machete Kills, la nueva película de Robert Rodríguez, en el papel de La Camaleón, según informó a finales de julio el propio director a través de Twitter. «Acabo de terminar el trabajo con

          [El Siglo de Torreón] - El actor ha trabajado bajo las órdenes de directores con cierto prestigio en la industria cinematográfica como Robert Rodríguez, y junto a actores como Jeremy Irons, Glenn Close, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt y Angelina Jolie, entre otros. En su filmografía

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          Corpus Christi, TX

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          [DVIDS] - They are chosen and lead by Sgt First Class Robert Rodriguez, a combat engineer with 10th Battalion, 91st Training Division (Operations). They are picked for their deployment experience and passion for training soldiers, said Rodriguez, a native of San

          [Reelz] - Director Robert Rodriguez tweeted on Thursday that Lady Gaga will make her acting debut in Machete Kills. According to the tweet, Rodriquez was “blown away” with the work Gaga did, and she “kicked SO MUCH A--!” ***. Madonna received boos and yells at

          [Seeking Alpha] - First Pacific Advisors, which is co-managed by Robert Rodriguez and Steven Romick, filed its 13F on the 7th of August. This SEC filing reports many of the long positions held by a hedge fund or other large investment fund each quarter, to be disclosed

          [USA TODAY] - Martin Scorsese, George Lucas, James Cameron, Christopher Nolan, Lena Dunham, Steven Soderbergh, David Fincher, David Lynch, the Wachowskis and Robert Rodriguez are just a few of the directors who chat with Reeves in the movie -- and, frankly

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          Senior IT Project Manager / San Tan Valley / IT Operations, Leadership, Sales Support, Financial Forecasting, Global IT Infrastructure, Change Management, IT Governance

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          [NME.com] - The singer announced last month that she will make her acting debut in a new Robert Rodriguez movie called Machete Kills. The singer will play a character called 'La Chameleon' in the film, which is a sequel to Rodriguez's action exploitation

          The BBC artist page for Robert Rodriguez. Find the best clips, watch programmes, catch up on the news, and read the latest Robert Rodriguez interviews.

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          Robert Rodriguez is a Mexican-American director/producer best known for his "rebel"-style of making movies, which includes writing, directing, shooting, editing ...

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          Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez have attended the premiere of their new horror film Grindhouse in Los Angeles.The directors teamed up for a project which sees two separate , ITN

          Director Robert Rodriguez (GRINDHOUSE, Sin City, Desperado, From Dusk Till Dawn) stops by the Opie and Anthony show to plug his double-feature extravaganza, GRINDHOUSE , webvideo

          Way to jump the gun, Michelle. Isn't she supposed to wait for Robert Rodriguez to yell "Cut!"? Shot by FreddieW , Break

          Find the complete movie career of Robert Rodriguez, including filmography, awards and biography on Yahoo! Movies. Mexican-American filmmaker Robert Rodriguez burst ...

          333 Opinions & Articles

          aparentemente Sofia Vergara está em negociações pra um papel na continuação do longa de Robert Rodriguez. Sem mais.

          Bardzo zapaliłem się do zrobienia podwójnego filmu. Początkowo sam chciałem wyreżyserować oba filmy. Pomyślałem że to niezła okazja, żeby wykorzystać moje niedokończone pomysły i zebrać je razem. Pomyślałem, że to będzie ciekawe doświadczenie dla widowni – obejrzeć dwa filmy w cenie jednego. Przez „Sin City” nie miałem na to czasu, potem powiedziałem o tym Quentinowi. On wymyślił fałszywe zwiastuny, film na całą noc i nazwał to „Grind House”. - Źródło: film.wp.pl

          [NPR] - AUBREY: I think he has a better chance, because he's likable. His likability overcomes the economy. SHAPIRO: Independent voter Robert Rodriguez is not looking for likable. ROBERT RODRIGUEZ: I want someone who's brilliant. You know, I don't want, you

          [Wall Street Journal (blog)] - While film purists like Christopher Nolan, who shot “The Dark Knight Rises” on film, insist that a photochemical process is best for the cinematic experience, others, like Austin, TX-based director Robert Rodriguez and British director Danny Boyle

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          [Yahoo! Philippines News] - Lady Gaga reveals new album name, "ARTPOP" · Lady Gaga makes acting debut in "Machete Kills" · Mariah Carey brings superstar status to "American Idol" · Lady Gaga cast in Robert Rodriguez film 'Machete Kills' · Hollywood remembers "Medical Center"

          [Innovation Excellence (blog)] - Robert Rodriguez & SINET's Security Innovation We like profiling innovators who are helping to give birth to new industries. I had the chance to talk to one of them yesterday – Robert Rodriguez, who served more than twenty-two years as a Special Agent

          [MSU State News (blog)] - After creating quite the name for herself in the music industry, pop star Lady Gaga has decided to add to her list of accomplishments and try her hand at acting as well. Following the release of her debut album “The Fame” in 2008, Gaga became a

          [Comic Book Resources] - While Robert Rodriguez may not technically hit the announced summer start date for Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, the sequel is still moving along with a planned October release. According to Deadline, Mickey Rourke is really close to signing

          [Extra] - “Extra's” Maria Menounos was exclusively on the closed Texas set of “Machete Kills,” talking with star Mel Gibson and director Robert Rodriguez about the highly anticipated indie sequel. Exclusive! Mel Gibson Talks 'Machete Kills': 'Bad Guys are Always

          [Fresno Bee] - By Robert Rodriguez - The Fresno Bee. By Robert Rodriguez The Fresno Bee. Tuesday, Aug. 07, | 03:42 PM Modified Tue, Aug 07, :52 PM. email this story to a friend E-Mail · print story Print; Text Size:

          [MLive.com] - Marie C. Johns, deputy administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), will visit Alternative Engineering, Broadway NW, where owner Robert Rodriguez started making door organizers when his automotive supply business hit the skids.

          [Canada.com] - Lady Gaga will make her movie debut in Robert Rodriguez's pulp sequel Machete Kills, alongside Sofia Vergara, Mel Gibson and Charlie Sheen. –. Get your pitchforks ready, Rihanna and Chris Brown are reportedly having ”forbidden romantic adventures”

          [HorrorMovies.ca] - Mickey Rourke to Make a Return in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For? Here we have an interesting piece of casting news. I'm sure you guys remember Mickey Rourke's hard as nails character Marv, from Robert Rodriguez's Sin City? Well, this dude is back. But

          [IGN] - With Marv playing a central part in the second Sin City book A Dame to Kill For, fans have been wondering if Mickey Rourke would reprise the role in Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez's forthcoming film adaptation. And while rumours have been

          [Digital Media Wire] - He is currently in production as the title character in Robert Rodriguez' Machete Kills, the follow-up to the cult hit Machete, in which Trejo teams up with the U.S .government to take down a dangerous and deranged arms dealer played by Mel Gibson.

          [Towleroad] - Facebook | News | The Economy · BigGayDeal.com. « Catholic Diocese Blocks Estate Sale Over Gay Marriage Panic: VIDEO | Main | Lady Gaga to Make Film Debut in Robert Rodriguez's 'Machete Kills' »

          [Deadline.com] - Johnson has a big role in that film, and most recently starred in five episodes of HBO's Eastbound And Down, and for his work in Robert Rodriguez's Machete. Johnson, who most recently had been at Gersh (which did a damn good job), continues to be

          [Shockya.com] - The studio just released this brand new character poster featuring Lady Gaga as La Chameleon from the upcoming action film “Machete Kills” by director Robert Rodriguez (Sin City, Machete) ands starring Amber Heard (Paranoia, Syrup, The Rum Diary, The

          [Towleroad] - Chick-fil-A | Hockey | News | Sports | Tim Thomas · BigGayDeal.com. « Lady Gaga to Make Film Debut in Robert Rodriguez's 'Machete Kills' | Main | P!nk Gets 'Carrie' Style Revenge on Wedding Party in 'Blow Me (One Last Kiss)' VIDEO »

          [Bleeding Cool News] - Back in the spring, Michael Madsen allegedly said he was head to Texas to talk about the Sin City sequel with Robert Rodriguez and other members of the cast and crew in some kind of sleepover-meets-symposium. Now, however, he sees it like this:

          [IGN] - That said, it's a bit of a testament to the strength of Casa de mi Padre that the film is, at the very least, enjoyable, despite a thin layer of jokes, obscure references and a mostly straight-faced narrative that feels borrowed from a Robert Rodriguez

          [ValueWalk] - Alan Howard · Donald Yacktman · George Soros · Howard Marks · David Tepper · Francis Chou · John Paulson · Jim Chanos · Tom Russo · Robert Rodriguez · Joel Greenblatt · Michael Price · David Einhorn · Mason Hawkins · Seth Klarman · Charles Royce

          Robert Rodriguez. Audio Video Production Teacher & Campus Webmaster at Bastrop ISD & Freelancer at KAKW Univision Austin. Location Austin, Texas Area

          Robert Rodriguez's Summary "C" level executive with extensive Fortune 50 leadership experience and capabilities delivering results through value based team work.

          Meaning of First Name Robert

          Male first name (German, English, French, Scandinavian): Robert; Old High (two-part name); hruod = fame; beraht = bright, shiny, old Germanic or German two-part name, common in the Middle Ages in Northern France and from there, England brought

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